The Programme and Local Organising Committee Chairs, and the Presidents of the IFMRS, ANZBMS and JSBMR, extend their warmest invitation for you to attend the inaugural combined meeting of theAustralian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society (ANZBMS) and the International Federation of Musculoskeletal Research Societies (IFMRS), in conjunction with the Japanese Society for Bone and Mineral Research (JSBMR).  This exciting international meeting will be held in Brisbane, Australia, over 17-21 June 2017. Following the conference, you and your family will have all of Queensland to explore or if you only have a day before your flight, perhaps just going whale watching on Moreton Bay, where the Brisbane River enters the sea. 

This meeting will highlight the shared mission of all three societies - to raise global awareness of the importance of musculoskeletal research, foster integration of clinical and basic science, and facilitate the translation of science to health care and clinical practice.

Our scientific programme will include invited plenary presentations, symposia and seminars, meet-the-professor sessions, basic and clinical abstract presentations, young investigator awards, and interactive poster sessions. Our speakers will be drawn from an truly international profile, including Australia, Asia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA.   Key themes in contemporary musculoskeletal science that will be presented include:

  • Genomics and the skeleton
  • The future of osteoporosis management
  • Cancer and bone metastasis
  • Muscle, mechanical forces and bone
  • Biology and treatment of rheumatic diseases
  • Live imaging of bone cells
  • Infection, the immune system and bone
  • Innovations in orthopaedics
  • Therapeutic advances
  • Rare/childhood bone diseases
  • Fracture prevention and fracture care
  • Advances in bone biology

We will be welcomed to the beautiful city of Brisbane by Australia’s traditional owners, with a wonderful opening function to follow.  The Local Organising Committee will also be organizing student and young investigator barbeques, a gala dinner- dance, a cocktail party at the Gallery for Modern Art, and other social events in the beautiful Southbank Parklands of Brisbane on the edge of the river.  

These will provide many opportunities to network and discuss science and medicine, ensure equity of opportunity, find new funding and research opportunities, and build collaborations and contacts with international colleagues. 

We are sure that you will find this to be a truly exciting meeting presenting both the breadth and depth of clinical and basic musculoskeletal research.  We look forward to seeing you in June!

Mark Forwood
(LOC Chair)
Mark Cooper
Mike Rogers 
John Eisman 
Roland Baron

Seiji Fukumoto
(JSBMR POC Co-Chair)

Riko  Nishimura
(JSBMR POC Co-Chair)

Bente Langdahl 
(IFMRS Co-President)
Emma Duncan 
ANZBMS President)
Sakae Tanaka 
(JSBMR President)

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