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If not the screen will tell you if it detects you are using the wrong software and you would be advised to change to a computer with one of them installed.

* Have you got your abstract open and running on your own computer? – you need to be able to cut and paste it onto the web. (Note that keypad short cuts do not work with Mozilla, you need to use the menu, edit, paste command to paste in text to your submission).

* Is your abstract text less than 300 words – it will not allow you to paste larger submissions. The word count does NOT include your title, authoring or cited references

* Abstracts can include one graphic, table or figure

Please note that your abstract will not be included in the program if you do not register and pay for your registration.


Basic Science
Sub-categories for Basic Science

  • cell biology/signalling
  • bone quality/biomechanics
  • bone, cartilage, connective tissue matrix
  • growth factors, cytokines, hormones
  • genetics
  • imaging
  • orthopaedic materials
  • pharmacology/therapeutics
  • osteoimmunology/inflammation
  • cancer
  • muscle and bone

Clinical Science
Sub-categories for Clinical Science

  • osteoporosis - epidemiology and assessment
  • osteoporosis - clinical management (including therapeutics)
  • cancer and bone
  • clinical metabolic bone disease
  • genetics
  • exercise, falls, fracture
  • orthopaedics
  • paediatric bone diseases
  • clinical bone disease - other
  • muscle and bone

Clinical Cases
There are no sub-categories for Clinical Cases

Grants and Awards for ANZBMS/JSBMR and IFMRS Affilliate members -DEADLINE EXPIRED

* ANZBMS, IFMRS affiliate society, JSBMR Travel Grants
* Christopher & Margie Nordin Young Investigator Poster Award
* Amgen-ANZBMS Outstanding Abstract Award
* MSD - ANZBMS Clinical Research Excellence Award
For eligibility click here.

ANZBMS Members only Grants and Awards  -DEADLINE EXPIRED

* ANZBMS Highest Rated Student Abstract Award
* Christine & T. Jack Martin Research Travel Grant
* ANZBMS Kaye Ibbertson Award for Bone and Mineral Medicine
* Sol Posen Research Award
* The ANZBMS Career Achievement Award
* Professor Philip Sambrook Award
* Roger Melick Young Investigator Award
For eligibility click here.

Submitting an Abstract

- Abstracts can be submitted for either oral or poster presentation.
- Please note that some requests for talks may be allocated poster presentations (if approved by submitter).
- Abstracts cannot contain more than 300 words in the main body of the abstract. 
- Abstracts can include one graphic, table or figure.

The abstract submission process can be accessed from your Currinda profile. It will work with any contemporary browser and the system will let you know if there is a problem with your browser version. When ready, you should open your document so you can cut and paste into the online system. Please do not work from .pdf files. The steps are straight forward and the abstract builds online as you paste in so you can check it is as you wish.

The benefits of this system are many but include:
i. Allowing you to preview your abstract and make modifications to your satisfaction.
ii. Ensuring you know your lodgement is completed as you will receive an immediate email confirmation.
iii. Ensuring accurate indexing of all authors in the abstract book/ conference app.
iv. Ensuring consistent presentation of all abstracts in the proceedings/ conference app (overarching formatting is imposed).

When you've finished the submission

You will receive a confirmation email with after your Abstract Submission has been successfully submitted. You can view or edit your abstract by returning to your Currinda profile. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact ASN Events.

Changes can be made to your abstract until the scoring process begins. Just return to your Currinda profile and select the Edit option under Abstracts. The edit option will no longer appear once scoring has commenced.

Acceptance notification

Email notification of programming decisions will come from the secretariat shortly after the expiry of deadlines and the working program will be posted to the web site. It will also appear on your Currinda profile. The notification will include specific presentation instructions but in the interim, those preparing posters should note the maximum size allowed is 100cm wide by 120cm deep (A0 paper size). Velcro will be available to fix the poster to the boards.

Web publishing

A couple of weeks before the meeting, the final program will be published to this web page along with hyperlinks to the abstracts. The abstracts will also be available on the conference ‘App’.

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